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 I'm grossed out right now.

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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse

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I'm grossed out right now. Empty
PostSubject: I'm grossed out right now.   I'm grossed out right now. Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 5:08 am

I watched a vid on youtube not posting (too nasty and violent)
and it was nasty. Just the when i saw the moment i almost screamed especially when my lights are off not kidding I like it when its dark outside and turn off my lights so cool the only lights are my comp.

I will post a hint on what it is ONLY ONE popular man

Fine two hints limo

lol my lights are still off btw

It was kinda gross not scary I guess it was pretty sad also Guys you want me to tell you what it is about.

Whats the time you got scared most. don't write if its scary or gross here is an example ahem 1 time we were at a sleepover we were talking about scary stories and suddenly my mom came and opened the door no that did that happen to me only was an example.
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I'm grossed out right now.
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