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 =Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'=

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=Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'= Empty
PostSubject: =Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'=   =Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'= Icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2008 4:01 am

I don't know if any users know this already (call me slow if you do) but I have found out how to do a named hyperlink

what this means is that you can post a link, and instead of having the entire link show up, just the word/s you type will show up, and people can click that word/s to get to the link

the way is simple

== Here is how you do it ==

First, type [url=

now press ctrl + v, or paste, the link you want to link to

and follow that with another bracket

so it should look like

[url= http://link.com] with no spaces.

Next: type whatever you want right after the bracket.

[url= http://link.com] mayo

TO finish, simply type a closer, aka [/ url] (with no spaces)

It'll end up something like this (wiht no spaces, of course) [url= http://woborules.com] Click this![/ url]. It will only show up as 'Click this!' though, and people can click that, and go to the url.

follow these steps, removing the spaces in between brackets and stuff, and you can succesfully make your own hyperlink!!!

Very Happy


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=Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'= Damme300=Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'= Sparta2gr9
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=Announcement- how to do 'named hyperlinks'=
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