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 Getting your Zodiacs

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"Wair-oos Ani-moos"
Getting your Zodiacs Verusanimus

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Getting your Zodiacs Empty
PostSubject: Getting your Zodiacs   Getting your Zodiacs Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2007 11:34 pm

Some of you may have seen Zodiacs and Chinese Zodiacs in the profiles of the members of the forum. In posts, Zodiacs appear under the user's avatar.

To get your Zodiacs, you must enter your birthday. For an accurate Zodiac, you must enter the correct day and month. For the accurate Chinese Zodiac, you must enter your year. If you don't want to enter your real year, just keep subtracting 12 from your year until you get a desired number (if you want an accurate Chinese Zodiac).

If you just want any random Zodiac/Chinese Zodiac, just enter any random number for your birthday.

Don't worry, your not releasing personal information. Your just entering a date so you can get your Zodiacs.


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Getting your Zodiacs Verusanimus
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Getting your Zodiacs
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